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22nd September - A meaningful career / workplace interaction with Tahirih Michot

Every month we come together to interact with an ebbf member who has made it their life choice to walk a path towards a meaningful career and with their decision helped create more meaningful workplaces .

In this #52MinutesToYourMeaningfulCareer series, Martina invites you to go to South Africa interacting with Tahirih Michot to explore her path to a meaningful career and how we can learn with her about her recent experience of creating a wellbeing focused work place in her new company. If wellbeing is the aim of a meaningful workplace, then how can we ask for and embed a nurturing work environment? The kind of place where your best talent aspires to work in? YOU CAN BE PART OF THIS INTERACTIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE HERE:


A FEW SUMMARIES OF PAST #52MinutesToYourMeaningfulCareer EPISODES of this SERIES HERE:

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